‘Panchayat 3’ Star’s Heart-Wrenching Journey

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Pune, 25th June 2024: “Panchayat 3,” released last month on Amazon Prime Video, has become a fan favorite. Among its standout characters is Amma Ji, played by Abha Sharma, who has endured significant personal struggles. At just 35, Sharma lost all her teeth due to a rare gum infection. Despite this, she continued her acting career and faced another rare disease at 45, causing severe tremors. Sharma’s journey from adversity to the small screen is a testament to her resilience and dedication.

In the popular web series, Amma Ji is known for her dramatic approach to securing a house under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, engaging with Secretary Abhishek Tripathi. Her performance and dialogue delivery have captivated audiences, but few know of her real-life health battles. In an interview with The Indian Express, Sharma revealed, “At 35, an infection in my gums caused all my teeth to fall out. Ten years later, I developed a rare disease that led to severe body tremors.”

Sharma’s career began with an advertisement film, a step that opened numerous opportunities despite initial nervousness. “The director’s praise in my first ad boosted my confidence,” she shared. This led to roles in two significant projects: the film “Hajiani” and “Ishaqzaade,” where she played Parineeti Chopra’s grandmother.

The turning point in her career came with the role in “Panchayat 3.” Sharma disclosed that a tenant in her Lucknow home recorded her audition and sent it to the show’s makers, securing her role as Amma Ji. Director Deepak Kumar Mishra highlighted several characters in the third season, including Binod, played by Ashok Pathak, and Amma Ji’s detailed backstory.

Sharma’s story of perseverance amidst severe health challenges adds a poignant layer to her acclaimed performance in “Panchayat 3.” Her journey from personal hardship to professional success continues to inspire many in the entertainment industry and beyond.