Neglected Reality of Footpaths, Walkways in Pune: A Threat to Pedestrians’ Lives Demands Urgent Attention

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Sumit Singh

Kalyani Nagar, 26th December 2023: Pune, the thriving metropolis known for its innovation and progress, is grappling with a critical issue that threatens the safety of its pedestrians. Despite its reputation as a “smart city,” the neglect of basic facilities, specifically footpaths and walkways, is putting lives at risk, particularly along the bustling Ramwadi-Viman Nagar Road.

1) The Dangers of Non-Existent Footpaths

The stretch from Ramwadi to Viman Nagar Road stands as a stark example of the negligence towards pedestrian safety. The heavy traffic flow, coupled with the absence of designated footpaths, forces pedestrians to share the road with speeding vehicles, creating a hazardous environment prone to accidents.

2) Senior Citizens: The Most Vulnerable Group

Senior citizens bear the brunt of this negligence, struggling to navigate through chaotic traffic. Limited mobility and declining physical abilities make them more susceptible to accidents, highlighting the urgent need for safer pedestrian infrastructure.

3) Inconvenience and Hardships Faced by Residents

Residents around the Ramwadi-Viman Nagar Road corridor face daily hardships, choosing between risking their lives on the road or investing extra time and money in alternative transportation. Parents and school-going students are significantly impacted by the lack of safe pathways.

4) Negative Impact on Health and Wellbeing

The absence of footpaths not only endangers lives but also affects mental and physical health. Constant stress from navigating heavy traffic contributes to anxiety and other health issues, while the lack of safe spaces discourages physical activity, promoting a sedentary lifestyle.

5) Consequences of Ignoring Basic Infrastructure Needs

Despite awareness of these concerns, authorities persist in neglecting the need for proper footpaths and walkways, hindering the city’s progress towards becoming a true “smart city.” The consequences are severe, with increased risks of accidents and fatalities.

6) Accidents and Fatalities

The most immediate consequence is the heightened risk of accidents and fatalities. Pedestrians, lacking dedicated pathways, remain exposed to the dangers of motorized vehicles, resulting in avoidable injuries and deaths.