Pune: Senior Citizen Falls Victim To KYC Update Fraud, Lost Rs 6.25 Lakh

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Dhayari, 26th December 2023: A 70-year-old senior citizen from Dhayari, Pune, has been swindled out of Rs 6.25 lakh by individuals posing as representatives of the Bank of Maharashtra’s headquarters in Mumbai. The fraudulent activity took place on March 1, 2023, and has prompted the registration of a case at the Sinhagad Road Police Station, Pune City Police.

According to the FIR, while the complainant was in his native village in Sindhudurg district, he received a call from an unknown individual claiming to be from the main branch of Bank of Maharashtra in Mumbai. The conversation, conducted in Hindi, involved the impersonator stating that his KYC for his bank account needed updating to prevent its closure. Succumbing to the ruse, he shared his bank account information.

As a result of this deceptive act, the fraudsters managed to siphon off 79 thousand rupees from his savings account, 2 lakh 46 thousand from his pension account, and 2 lakh 295 rupees from his cash credit account. The total loss incurred by the complainant amounts to a staggering 6 lakh 25 thousand 295 rupees.