Neon Attack Ne Maarli Baazi Aur Karli Deal Pakki as they Steal the Show on Shark Tank India Season 3’s Latest Episode!

Neon attack
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Mumbai, 3rd April 2024: From being a bootstrapped company started by the young lads, Hardik and Kartik Kedia, Neon Attack is definitely a success story you shouldn’t miss out on! Hold onto your neon hats, party people, because Neon Attack just lit up the stage on Shark Tank India Season 3 like never before! In an episode that had jaws dropping moments and eyes popping conversations, this dynamic duo stole the show with their badassery in the custom neon sign game. Yeah, you heard that right—these neon wizards are taking the world by storm, one glowing masterpiece at a time.

Neon Attack, the hottest customized neon sign company in India, started by the Kedia brothers from Hyderabad, just crushed it on Shark Tank India Season 3. Let’s just say it was lit AF, just like their neon signs are! With an interesting concept and innovative pitch presentation, they won the hearts of all the sharks.

But what’s even more impressive than their neon prowess? The fact that Neon Attack is helmed by two young guns who have shaken up the entrepreneurial world with their one-of-its-kind brand and products. These guys aren’t just business partners but siblings who are the dynamic duo behind one of the most badass neon companies in the game. With their fresh perspective and their unapologetic attitude, they’re showing the world what it means to hustle hard and chase your dreams.

They started Neon Attack in 2020 with zero funding and zero chill – they were obsessed with creating the brightest, most vibrant neon signs you’ve ever seen. Think next-level room decor that’ll make your Insta followers drool.

But hold up, fam, there’s more to the story than just pretty lights. Neon Attack isn’t just another neon sign company – they’re redefining the game. Here’s why they’re the real deal: Making a ₹1 Crore per Month in a Niche Market? Say No More? Forget the boring, generic stuff. Neon Attack carved its own path by focusing on customizable, pre-paid neon signs. This bold move not only ensured a steady income flow but also allowed them to understand their customers’ needs on a deeper level. They create signs that are exactly what you want, and you pay upfront, no bamboozle!

Neon Attack is selling dreams, one sign at a time. But wait, it gets even juicier. They aren’t just slinging any ol’ neon signs—they’re selling prepaid products worth a cool ₹10,000 a pop. That’s right, they’ve got customers lining up to drop serious cash on their neon creations because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a piece of that neon magic lighting up their lives?

They offer customizable neon signs starting at an affordable price point. This means everyone, from individuals who want to level up their home decor to businesses who are looking to make a statement, can get their hands on a piece of neon magic. Talk about democratizing litness!

And speaking of magic, let’s talk about Neon Attack’s latest trick. Neon Attack isn’t just about aesthetics; they’re also innovation champions. They created India’s first and only certified waterproof LED neon signs. This ground-breaking achievement not only landed them a role in the prestigious Ayodhya project but also showed their commitment to pushing the boundaries and setting the bar high.

Young entrepreneurs who slay in the industry, and they’re not even 30! Hardik and Kartik are the ultimate #EntreprenuerGoals. They combined the tech-savvy skills of Hardik and the artistic flair of Kartik to build a thriving business. They’re not just inspiring Gen Z and Millennials – they’re inspiring everyone to chase their dreams and hustle hard! Because of their enthusiastic performance in Shark Tank India Season 3, they managed to seal the deal and get the funding that they dreamt of!

The Sharks were blown away by Neon Attack’s impressive performance, passion, and vision. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more lit, Neon Attack goes and secures a deal that’s straight outta a neon dream. After a killer pitch that had everyone glued to their screens, they secured a ₹25 crore deal. YES! We are talking about a mind-blowing 25 crore valuation from none other than Aman and Namita, two of the sharpest sharks in the tank. The unique structure involves ₹50 lakhs for 2% equity and a 2% royalty on every sale; this deal is the stuff of legends. Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar, the CEO of BoAt and CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, respectively, financed this amazing deal for Neon Attack. Onboarding these two talented sharks is definitely a dream come true moment for the Kedia bros.

Hardik, the co-founder who makes the neon magic happen, dropped some truth bombs: “This win is like a mic drop moment for all the hard work we put in! Huge shoutout to Shark Tank India for having us – it was epic! Scoring this sweet deal with Aman and Namita is a dream come true, and we can’t wait to use this cash to level up Neon Attack. Get ready for more lit designs, innovative products, and enough neon to make your Insta feed explode! We’re about to light up the lives of the new Gen like nobody’s business!”

Kartik, the other half of the Neon Attack dream team, chimed in: “This win is a huge shoutout to our entire team, who hustled hard to get us here. We’re highly recognized as young entrepreneurs who are crushing it in the business world. This deal is a game-changer for Neon Attack, and we’re hyped to see what the future holds! Stay tuned for more neon awesomeness coming your way!”

Profitability is not a myth in a world of struggle, and here, Neon Attack says, “Hold My Drink.”. While many startups struggle to keep their heads above water, Neon Attack is swimming in a sea of success. Their secret sauce? A combination of a clear niche market focus, top-notch quality products, and a customer-centric approach through their pre-paid model. Basically, they know their stuff, they make amazing products, and they put their customers first.

Neon Attack offers a live preview of your customized sign before you buy, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, they have over 1 million color options and 200+ flow modes to choose from. Basically, you can customize your neon sign to be as unique as you are!

So what’s next for Neon Attack? Well, if their track record is anything to go by, the sky’s the limit. With their killer instincts, their passion for neon lights, and their unapologetic swagger, they’re poised to take the world by storm. It is the perfect time to say that Neon Attack is just getting started. The neon revolution is here to stay as they are the pioneer of neon light signs in India and flourishing worldwide as well.