NEP Guidelines To Be Released By Maharashtra Government Within A Week

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Mumbai, 28th April 2023: The Maharashtra state government is prepared to provide the NEP implementation instructions for postgraduate courses within a week, even though institutions and universities are already aligning their undergraduate curriculum to the National Education Policy 2020.

For the new one-year master’s program, which can only be pursued after four years of undergrad (UG), the state has developed credit structures. The last year of the student’s Bachelor’s course will be in sync with their master’s curriculum. The one-year Master’s will enable a maximum of 22 credits per semester and a minimum of 20, making the program worth 40-44 credits. This is similar to other undergraduate programs.

The emphasis of this program will be on student postgraduate research projects. The student research will be worth 12–14 credits in total. If they want to delve deeply into a subject other than their Discipline Core or DSC, they can also choose 2-credit elective courses, according to Prof. Nitin Karmalkar, former vice chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University and chair of the NEP Implementation Committee in Maharashtra.

However, only those students who have completed their four-year undergraduate degree in the same major are eligible to pursue the one-year postgraduate degree. A two-year postgraduate degree is required for students who want to change their major throughout their master’s program.

However, students are free to completely omit the master’s course from their schedule. According to NEP 2020 rules, students who complete their four-year bachelor’s (Hons) degree with research and earn a minimum grade point of 7.5 can immediately begin their Ph.D.

The state’s NEP implementation report is anticipated to provide more information about the course’s structure. A problem-solving committee has also been established by the Maharashtra government to address any problems that may develop during the implementation of NEP 2020.