Pune: Round Table India and Donors Collaborate to Build School for Underprivileged Students in Girim Village

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Daund, 27th April 2023: On 22nd April, PURT 144, a round table in India, inaugurated the Bhairavnath Madyamik Vidyalaya school located at Girim village. This school was created with the aim to provide education to the underprivileged children in the area. The inauguration was a proud moment for not just the round table, but for the entire community.

The school comprises of 9 classroom blocks, out of which 3 were constructed by Round Table. The project was single-handedly led and executed by HT Sohan Chakkarwar, who is a FTE star of the table, under the chairmanship of Tr. Akash Goyal. The school is expected to benefit 300 students every year and will impact the lives of more than 9000 students over the life of the school building.

The school was inaugurated by Area Chairman Tr. Rahul Wadhwa, Table Chairman Tr. Akash Goyal and HT Sohan Chakkarwar, along with the entire gang of PURT 144. The event was a historic moment for PURT 144 as it was the second school to be inaugurated during its 25th year.

The funds for the construction of the school were contributed by the local villagers, as well as the FTE partner P&G, Bhuleshwar Steels and Sohan Healthcare. The round table wholeheartedly thanks the donors for their gracious contributions and helping to create an impact in the lives of the Girim Village.

The village sarpanch, who was present at the inauguration, stated that the school for underprivileged need not be underprivileged anymore. The school is a great example of how education can be made accessible to all, and how individuals and communities can come together to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.