New Cameras On Mumbai-Pune Expressway Near Ghat Section Trigger Debates On Social Media

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Pune, 28th December 2023: In a recent viral video circulating on social media platforms, new cameras have been spotted in the ghat section of the Mumbai-Pune expressway, stirring curiosity and speculation among commuters. The footage, shared widely on Instagram by user Sirish Chandran, showcases the installation of these cameras in the hilly regions of the expressway notorious for traffic congestion and occasional chaos.


The Instagram post, garnering approximately 27,000 likes and numerous comments from concerned netizens, suggested varied theories about the purpose of these cameras. Speculation arose from one user’s suspicion that these cameras might not solely be for speed enforcement but could potentially be employed to instill much-needed lane discipline among drivers, especially within the ghat sections where traffic often leads to nightmarish jams.


Sirish Chandran, in the Instagram caption, emphasized the urgency of reinforcing lane discipline, citing the worsening traffic situation that has made nighttime driving increasingly stressful and hazardous. The sentiment echoed among several users who expressed their distress over the escalating challenges faced while navigating the expressway, with some even admitting to ceasing their nighttime travels due to the perilous conditions.


Amidst the comments, some users shared personal encounters with the newly installed cameras, recounting instances of receiving speeding fines in the ghat area, sparking debates about the legitimacy and consistency of speed limit enforcement. Additionally, concerns were raised about the fluctuating speed limits and suspicions of using these changes as a means to extract fines from unsuspecting drivers.


Furthermore, users advocated for the cameras to not only monitor speeding violations but also to crack down on heavy vehicles illegally occupying multiple lanes, impeding traffic flow and causing safety hazards.