New Covid-19 Strain: 90 People Infected So Far in India, New Guidelines Issued for Air Travellers

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Delhi, January 9, 2021: So far, a total of 90 people have been infected with the new strain of Covid-19 from Britain in India. This information has been given by the Health Ministry of the country. They are currently being treated in isolation. The new strain of Covid-19 is a sensation in the UK, for this, passengers on flights to and from the UK and India will have to undergo RT-PCR test.

Guidelines for travelers traveling between the two countries: As per the guidelines issued in the advisory issued for passengers going to Britain, passengers at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) will have to upload their negative RT-PCR test report through the airport’s official website ‘Air Suvidha Portal’. The guideline said, “RT-PCR test is mandatory 72 hours before starting the journey.” The passenger will have to pay Rs 3,400 for the test at the airport. This test may also take up to 10 hours for the passenger to receive the results.

Passengers will have to test at IGI Airport: Passengers conducting RT-PCR test in Delhi will be quarantined for seven days. There was initially a ban on flights coming from the UK which will now be lifted with a minimum limit from Friday. 30 flights will be operated every week of which 15 will be Indian and 15 will be UK carriers. This schedule will continue till 23 January. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had also informed about this earlier. On 6 January, flights to Britain were stopped. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 82 people have been infected in the country so far by the new strain of the Coronavirus.

On Friday, the government released guidelines for transporting the Covid-19 vaccine via air. For this, the airport authorities have issued a directive, and airlines were asked to use dry ice. According to data released on Friday by the Ministry of Health, cases of new strains of Coronavirus in India have been increasing. The number of people infected with the new Corona strain of the UK has increased up to 90 in the country.