Volunteer’s Death 9 Days After Covaxin Vaccine Administered, Police Investigation Begin 

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Bhopal, January 9, 2021: The final trial of the indigenous Corona vaccine (COVAXIN) across the country has been completed on 7 January, which has been made by Bharat Biotech and ICMR. In the trial of this vaccine, more than 26,000 people have been vaccinated in different parts of the country.  

According to the news reports, 47-year-old volunteer Deepak Maravi, who underwent trial vaccination of COVAXIN on December 12, died on December 21 at People’s Medical College, Bhopal. This was revealed by his son Aakash on Thursday. After this, there has been a stir in the hospital where the trial was held.

Deepak Tila lived in the Subedar Colony in Jamalpur and was found dead in his house. According to Deepak’s son Aakash, the father had stopped going to labor since taking the vaccine dose, following the Corona protocol. Aakash told that on December 19, his father’s health suddenly deteriorated, in which he suddenly started suffering from vomiting, restlessness, and nausea, when Aakash asked him to go to the hospital he blatantly refused.

He did not get himself treated considering it to be a common illness. The son said that when he died on December 21, he was alone at home. The mother had gone out of work and the younger brother was playing outside. After getting dosed, calls used to come from the hospital to know the condition of health. At the same time, on 21 December, three calls were received from the People’s Management to get information about Deepak’s death. But no one came home from the institute. Aakash also stated that his father was one of the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy.

After the death of Deepak, a post-mortem of his body was done on December 22, which preliminary reports have confirmed to show poisoning in the body. Although the reason for death, whether due to COVAXIN or some other reason, will be confirmed after the final report of the post-mortem. The viscera of Deepak’s body has been handed over to the police. The police will conduct a chemical analysis of the viscera. At present, the police have started the investigation. At the same time, Deepak’s post-mortem took place at Hamidia Institute of Medico legal. In its primary report, the cause of death has been attributed to Heart Attack from Poisoning.