New Law Creates Uproar. Russia, France, And The Champagne Problem.

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6th July 2021: Controversy has been heating up in France and Russia for the past few days over Champagne. The reason is the new law of Russia where it wants foreign champagne to be sold as sparkling wine. Under this new law of Russia, only Shampanskoye made there will have the right to be called Champagne. This new law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin recently.

This new law has angered French champagne makers and they have been strongly opposing Russia. However, the matter has become even worse with the French government and the European Commission getting directly involved in this dispute. Angry with Russia on this issue, France has threatened to stop the export of champagne.

The name Champagne was named after Champagne, a region of France from where it originated. The name is also legally protected in more than 100 countries. The French Industrial Organization has issued a statement saying that it strongly condemns Russia’s new law. According to them, this new will hide information about the quality and origin of the wine from Russian customers.

French Trade Minister Franck Riestre informed that he is in contact with the wine industry and France’s European partners about the new law. In one of his tweets, he wrote that he willfully help his champagne producers. Although some producers have also accepted this new law of Russia. France’s Vauve Cliquo and Dom Périnyon companies have said they will now write sparkling wine on their champagne bottles under the new law. However, after this announcement, the company’s shares have been in a decline. At the same time, shares of Russian sparkling winemaker Abro-Darso have risen.

The company says that they do not make sparkling wine which is called Champagne. The company also expressed hope that this problem will be resolved soon. The head of the company informed that the safety of local wines is of utmost importance in the Russian market, but for this, the laws should be rational. He has also reinforced the fact that genuine champagne is made only in the Champagne region of France.

The European Commission has been working as a moderator between Russia and France. The commission says that Russia’s new law will have a big impact on wine exports. It has been made clear by the commission that all possible steps will be taken to protect their rights. However, the commission has deferred any action against Russia on this issue for the time being.