New Measures To Safeguard The Privacy Of A WhatsApp User, Know More About Your Profile Settings

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, January 04, 2021: In today’s world, your number might often reach a few unknown people. Some of these unknown people might be the ones you pay for a car or a bus booking. In this way, your number easily reaches other people. Usually, people don’t share their profiles or contact numbers with strangers.

Now, when your contact number is shared, an unknown person can access your WhatsApp profile and WhatsApp status. Also, this may result in strangers taking the screenshot of your profile photo and misusing the image. To avoid this, users should always keep their profile photo hidden. To hide the photo, security features have been made available by WhatsApp. In such a situation, the user can heighten their privacy measures without blocking any person.

How to hide your profile photo?

· First, you have to click on WhatsApp settings.

· After this, you have to click on ‘Account’, then the privacy option will appear.

· After this, the user will be able to tap on the profile photo.

· Here you will see the default setting, where everyone will be allowed to see the profile photo.

· To change this, click on the ‘My Contacts’ option. With this, only your saved contacts will be able to access your profile photo.

· If you want no one to access your photo, then you can choose the ‘Nobody’ option.

· People will see your display picture (DP) in grey colour only when the profile photo is hidden.