New RTE Regulations Spark Concerns: No Admission Quota in Private Schools Near Govt. Institutions

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, 25th February 2024: Under the new regulations, admission through the Right to Education (RTE) quota is not permitted in unaided schools located within a 1 km radius of a government school. This has led to concerns about the feasibility of filling the 25 % reserved seats in private schools. Parents residing within one kilometre of a government school are now required to prioritize these schools for RTE admissions. Consequently, there are indications of a potential increase in enrollments in government schools this year.

The implementation of RTE has resulted in a consistent decline in student numbers in government schools, as the initiative aimed to facilitate the admission of students from economically backward classes into private schools. Despite the decline, more schools are now available for RTE admissions. Over the past eight years, an average of three to four thousand students in urban areas have been securing RTE admissions annually.

In response to the declining student enrollment in some city schools, the government has introduced a new rule for the Right to Education (RTE) program, aiming to boost attendance in government schools. The rule, slated to be implemented in the upcoming academic year, mandates that children from any ward or village must enrol in the nearest government or aided school. RTE admissions in private schools will only be allowed if there is no government or aided school in the respective area. The government has officially issued a gazette outlining these changes, and the RTE admission process is expected to commence soon under the new regulations.

Stringent regulations are also in place for private schools, which must adhere to the rules or risk losing RTE reimbursement for students admitted in violation of the guidelines. To ensure compliance, the Zilla Parishad Education Department will conduct thorough checks on private schools during the RTE admission process. The department will verify the absence of government or subsidized schools within a 1 km radius before selecting eligible private schools for RTE admissions.