NIA Officers Granted Relief by Calcutta High Court in Bhupati Nagar Case, Strict Action Stayed

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Kolkata, 10th April 2024: In a significant development concerning the Bhupati Nagar case, the Calcutta High Court has intervened, granting relief to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) officers involved. The court’s decision includes imposing a stay on any stringent action that the police might take against the NIA officers booked in the Bhupati Nagar incident, which unfolded with a fatal explosion in December 2022.

Three lives were lost in an explosion that occurred in a two-story house in Naduvil village, Bhupati Nagar, that belonged to Rajkumar Manna. Following this incident, which was similar to what happened in Bhupati Nagar, sentiments intensified when villagers allegedly attacked NIA officers during a search operation in Sandeshkhali. As a result, the wife of Manobrata Jana, the head of the Trinamool party who was arrested, complained against the NIA officers, claiming that they had acted improperly during the search.

The Calcutta High Court’s directives include restraining the police from filing their report in the lower court while allowing the investigation to proceed. Furthermore, the police have been instructed to submit the progress report of the investigation to the High Court. Additionally, the court has directed the registration of case diaries for the two incidents in Bhupati Nagar, highlighting the seriousness of the matter.

In response to the accusations, the NIA, which was given the task of looking into the Bhupati Nagar incident, firmly denied any misconduct on their side. They said that, in compliance with the High Court’s orders, they are carrying out a thorough investigation. The agency went on to clarify that they had already notified the local police station of their actions when they were unexpectedly attacked during the search operation in Naduvil village.

The NIA’s statement emphasised that they had deployed thirty CRPF personnel for the search operation, supported by six backup teams and eight vehicles. However, the attack occurred at around 6:30 a.m., leaving them vulnerable despite their prior communication with the police station.

The NIA’s version of events, which presents the incident as an unprovoked, unexpected attack, runs counter to the accusations made against them. The organisation declared that they are devoted to learning the truth about the Bhupati Nagar explosions and that they are actively assisting the investigation.