No shortage of essential commodities and drugs in State

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Mumbai, April 5, 2020: Cautioning the shop owners of stern action in case of selling the essential commodities and grocery items with increased prices, State Government has issued a press release assuring the common citizens that Government machinery is taking precautions for uninterrupted supply of such items in PDS shops and grocery shops. State Government has made it clear that there is no shortage whatsoever of essential commodities and necessary drugs.

            The state Government has given in detail the measures taken for supply of essential commodities and drugs in this press release.

            The transport of essential commodities, travel passes for labourers are some of the measures which have resulted in improving the situation by resolving the issues faced by retailers and grocery shops after the lock down in state.

            State Government has made it clear that there is no shortage of essential commodities like rice, wheat, wheat flour, pulses, Tur Dal, Chana Dal, edible oils, onions, potatoes, sugar, salt, spices. State Government has also assured that state has adequate stock of food grains for supplying it to the fair price shops under the public distribution system.

            There is no shortage of food grains in Food Corporation of India or Union Government go-downs. There is adequate stock of gas cylinders and oil companies are ensuring uninterrupted supply of cylinders. The press release has pointed out that despite the paucity of workers at gas agencies, gas cylinders are provided at doors of the customers and this has been speeded up.

            There is no shortage of milk anywhere and on the contrary it is seen that milk is being sold less than its supply. While there is increase in vegetables and fruits coming to markets and increase in sells through agricultural produce marketing committees (APMCs) and other market committees as well as purchase directly from the farmers has also increased.  In big cities like Mumbai, vegetables are being sold at cooperative housing societies and such arrangements is made at big societies. In coming days, Government has assured to increase scope of such vegetable selling.

            It can be found that there is paucity of items in some retailers but it needs to be kept in mind that such small shop owners have less stock capacity. More over people crowded shops soon after the lock down was imposed and had big demands which resulted in stock coming to an end in such shops. This sector is dependent on less availability of labourers and supply chain which is why unavailability of packaging material and labour is having its impact on supply chain.  Despite this, state Government through the press release has assured that Government is continuously in contact with big players in this field so that retailers do not find any shortage especially in big cities like Mumbai.

            The grocery shops in unorganized sector is the key link in in this supply chain and it is being ensured that such shops are open. Most of the grocery shops are generally open and they have started receiving stock of essential commodities and items. There is no shortage in entire state about soaps or detergents supply. The Government machinery is in contact with all the concerned in this sector and all the efforts are being made to improve the supply chain. There is no shortage of drugs, food for kids, insulin and precaution is being taken to ensure that supply to drug stores is maintained and manufacturing sector in pharmaceuticals keep on their production. In a few days, it is for sure that  manufacturing would start though in small proportion since there is concession in lockdown for manufacturers of essential commodities and pharmaceuticals and there is no reason for not starting these factories.

            The press release has reiterated and underlined that there is no shortage of essential edible items and drugs. It also has made it clear that there can be an issue at district level or local level with resepct to some items but overall supply chain in the state is working satisfactorily. There is no reason for citizens to be panic and store these goods in huge quantity. The Government has cautioned clearly against increasing prices by citing paucity of items through this press release. The group of secretaries appointed by Government is keeping an eye on situation to ensure uninterrupted supply chain of essential commodities and drugs.

Supply of food grains normal through PDS shops

            In last five days, 30 per cent beneficiaries have lifted the food grains from the fair price shops under public distribution system. The remaining process of lifting the food grains is in progress. The rice distribution under the Pradhanmantri food grains scheme for poor would start soon. There are news items published that rice received for free distribution is being sold but these news reports are far from truth since rice distribution has not yet started. The press release has also informed that the transportation of food grains from Food Corporation of India go-downs has started which would enable free rice distribution.

            The grocery shops have been included in essential commodities act and these shops have been directed to keep open between 9 am and 9 pm.