Noble Hospital and Research Centre conducts awareness session on Kidney Health

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Pune, 1st April 2024: Noble Hospitals and Research Center on Saturday conducted an awareness program on Kidney Health to mark ‘World Kidney Health Month’. The program included sessions on general information about kidney ailments, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, nutrition and diet for kidney health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and mental health. Well known Radio Jockey RJ Bandya was guest of honour for the program.

Dr.Avinash Ignatius, HOD Department of Nephrology, Dr. Rakesh Shinde, Consultant Nephrologist, Dr. Sarika Satav, HOD Department of Nurition and Dietics, Dr. Bhupendra Gupta , HOD Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilation and Dr.Sheetal Harpale, Consultant Psychologist and Art Therapist at the Department of Mental health at Noble Hospitals conducted these interactive sessions.
Dr, Avinash Ignatius, HOD Department of Nephrology said that, while most of the times stress on kidneys start with uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes, there are other factors like infections and increasing self -medication for general ailments like backache, headache due to sedentary lifestyle. Many a times there are no symptoms of kidney damage in the early stages, apart from pain in case of kidney stones. Diagnosis at early stages helps us to treat better, reduce the stress on kidneys and stabilize them and improve quality of life. We should look out for symptoms like protein leak, non-specific symptoms like frequent urination at night etc. The key is to control hypertension and diabetes along with obesity. This makes the role of diet and nutrition very important.

Dr. Sarika Satav, HOD Department of Nutrition and Dietics emphasized the importance of the right amount of water and salt and type of salt in our diet. The diet should be balanced as concentrating only on one form of diet may lead to deficiencies of other nutritional factors. Depending on the stage of the kidney disease, body requirements and overall health, diet is suggested. People should stop referring to forwarded messages and concentrate on individual requirements in a scientific manner.

Dr. Bhupendra Gupta, HOD Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, said that most of the times physiotherapy is associated with orthopaedic problems. But it has an important role to play in rehabilitation of people with kidney ailments too. People with kidney diseases tend to reduce physical activities due to pain, some become bedridden resulting in additional problems like joint stiffness, weakening muscles and may add to imbalance in already existing comorbidities. Therefore, physiotherapy and rehabilitation has a role to play, physical fitness can help secure us from many physical conditions and improve quality of life.

Dr.Sheetal Harpale, Consultant Psychologist and Art Therapist at the Department of Mental health, said that stress is a risk factor for many diseases. Mental health should not be a taboo, we should be able to speak out our mind to our relatives, friends or counsellors and get the stress out.
Dr. Rakesh Shinde, Consultant Nephrologist also interacted with the audience and participated in the Question Answer session following the program.

Dr Dileep Mane, Managing Director Noble hospital and Research Centre concluded saying the “Conservative Kidney Management Programme” is gaining traction in the medical community as a result of improved clinical outcomes, and at Noble Hospitals, we aim to deliver the most advanced care in the field.