Non-Invasive medical instruments for pain relief with no side effects launched by OSKA India

OSKA Wellness non-drug invasive pain management devices
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Bengaluru, August 26, 2020: OSKA Wellness, a global player in the non-drug invasive pain management devices has launched its PEMF (Pulsed-Electromagnetic-Field-Therapy) technology-enabled products, in India. They are the first enabler of this breakthrough technology in the country. These devices will help people suffering from muscular pain, low back pain, joints pain, knee pain etc. to have a more active life. It is a non-invasive product that offers pain relief that is safe, effective, affordable without medication and zero side effects.

Based out of San-Diego, United States of America is committed to developing technology-driven health and wellness products that assist individuals in living more active lives with less pain. It offers a wide range of products based on PEMF. PEMF or Pulsed-Electromagnetic-Field-Therapy is a new age technology that uses low EMF frequencies to treat pain at a cellular level instead of just masking the symptoms. With nearly 15 years of research on PEMF by the R&D team, a wide range of products have been created within the portfolio. This range of products will make life easier for Indian consumers who are suffering from acute or chronic musculoskeletal issues with technology-enabled alternative remedies.

“This PEMF technology, has proven its efficiency in terms of pain reduction and improvement in functional movements along with exercises in Patients having lower back pain, scapular dysfunction and calf muscle pull. Its very compact, handy and user friendly. No gel nor electrodes required,” said Esther Been Samuel, Consultant Physiotherapist, Med Labs Diagnostics, Bengaluru.


Chinmaya Muralidhar, Head of Strategy and an alumnus of IIMB, commented. “Oska plus is a product of the future. The amount of research on this product is massive and PEMF is one of the leading technology that helped in curing pain and other related ailments. It has been proved in many cases and Most people report a decrease in pain within a week of usage. What makes it even better is its completely drug-free and has Zero- Proven-Side effects. At present we are conducting clinical studies to understand the additional applications of it to maximise its usage.”


He further said, “We are trying to help people live more active lives with less pain. We want to make drug-free technology available, accessible and affordable to everyone struggling with pain as they seek to reclaim their lives—and our wearable, tech-driven device is that alternative.”


“While alternative technology is commonly used in doctors’ offices worldwide and is demonstrated in thousands of clinical studies to work at the source of pain and provide relief, it is the first device to make it available at an accessible price for the home and personal use. It has no side effects, is non- invasive, lightweight, portable, shareable, and provides safe, effective and affordable access to pain relief – all without medication,” added Chinmaya.