Novel Agitation By Doctors In The Backdrop of Novel Coronavirus!

COVID19 Pune
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Pune, September 9, 2020: In a novel agitation doctors have self-quarantined themselves criticizing the State government’s move to decide the treatment fees at the hospitals. Indian Medical Association (IMA) state president Avinash Bhondve has threatened that this quarantine period might get increased if the state fails to take any action.

Calling the state government’s move as draconian, IMA in a letter to the state mentioned that the medical staff has been doing their duties without fail, yet the state failed to recognize it. And thus we were compelled to take this step. The letter was written by Dr Bhondve and IMA honorary secretary Dr Pankaj Bandarkar.

Tributes were paid to the doctors who lost their lives to Covid-19. The agitation will be intensified from Thursday onwards”, warned IMA. As many as 45,000 doctors from 216 various branches are participating in it.