Now Crocodile Sterilization Will Be Done In Solapur: Zoo Administration Decided

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Friyana Munshi

Solapur, February 15, 2021: The administration has taken a unique step in view of the increasing number of crocodiles in the Mahatma Gandhi Zoological Museum on Vijapur Road in Maharashtra’s Solapur district.

Now the administration will sterilize the crocodiles due to the increasing number of crocodiles in the surrounding habitats recorded. Due to this, the zoo administration is facing problems in maintenance.

Crocodiles have been visible for the past several years in the rivulets or marshes flowing in the middle of Solapur city. A two-and-a-half-foot crocodile was seen last week as well. Local people had alleged that this crocodile belonged to the zoo. Although the zoo administration stated that the crocodile was not theirs and that they own 20 crocodiles.

Crocodile from 20 years ago

A crocodile came into the zoo 20 years ago during the floods in the Bhima River. It was caught and brought to the zoo. After 12 years it was discovered that the crocodile was a female.

After this, a 7-foot tall crocodile was also brought from Chennai for breeding. Many crocodiles were born here, now their numbers keep increasing day by day. Due to this, the Mahanagar Municipality has to bear a lot of expense in their maintenance (Mahatma Gandhi Zoo Solapur).

Crocodiles washed in the rain

About seven to eight crocodile children were washed away from the zoo due to the heavy rains in 2012-13. In 2013, a crocodile was found in a brook near the zoo complex.

Six months later, the forest department had found a 5-foot-tall crocodile in Degao Nala. A similar incident occurred last week in the rivulet opposite the bird house, where a two and a half foot crocodile was present in the drain.