Now earn minimum Rs 10,000 discounts per month for following traffic rules in Pune

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Sumit Singh

Pune, October 25, 2019: This Diwali has brought good news for Punekars for following traffic rules.

Under the Aabhaar Yojana of Pune city police traffic branch, now people can avail discounts worth minimum Rs 10,000 per month, with the help of discount coupon which is given by cops to people who do not have any pending e-challan for violation of traffic rule.

“There are many food aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy as well as PayTm who are offering online coupons. Traffic Branch is rewarding people in the form of coupons which can be redeemed by the citizens at more than 115 participating establishments. The one discount coupon code given by a police constable will be valid at all the participating establishment. It means you can redeem the coupon once at every participating establishment per month. There are over 115 such shops, hotels, etc, and hence one can avail discounts worth minimum Rs 10,000 in a month”, said DCP (traffic) Pankaj Deshmukh.

The initiative started in June this year is the brainchild of Pune City Police Commissioner Dr K Venkatesham and DCP Deshmukh of the traffic branch. Till now over 45,106 coupon codes have been distributed. The traffic police have collaborated with various shops, hotels for 5 % to up to 50 % percent discount.

“We want to increase the value of incentives so high that people should think before breaking any rule. Also, they will pay their pending challans. Its a win-win situation for the public and police”, said the traffic branch chief.

Police believe that the incentive will help reduce enforcement by them and instead people will follow the traffic rules. The minimum fine amount for any offence is Rs 200 while the maximum is Rs 2000. After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, the amount fine will be thousands.

Now to take the Aabhaar Yojana to the masses, Pune police has allowed people to check their pending fines, if there is none and then people apply for the coupons. You can also apply for the discount coupon if you inform cops about any traffic violators (on whatsapp no 8411800100 or Twitter handle @PuneCityTraffic).

Of late the traffic branch of Pune city police has become serious about enforcing traffic rules. As high-quality cameras are installed at major chowks, everyday policemen sitting at the CCTV control room at the police commissioner office check footage and issue e-challans based on vehicle numbers.

How to get a discount coupon code from Pune City Police Traffic Branch :

Traffic police constables on the road can give discount codes


Check pending fines e-challan on your vehicle (You will need vehicle number and last four digits of Chasis number) on this link

If no fines or e-challan are pending you can apply for the discount coupon/code by entering your mobile phone number and you will get the discount coupon code.

You can check the list of establishment offering discounts on this link