One-Hour Block on Mumbai-Pune Expressway Today for Signboard Installation

mumbai pune expressway
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Pune, 28th May 2024: Travelers on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway should take note of a significant traffic disruption today. A one-hour block will be enforced this afternoon to facilitate the installation of a large directional board on the expressway.

The block will be in effect from 12 noon to 1 pm, during which all types of traffic on the expressway will be completely halted. The traffic diversion is necessary to ensure the safe installation of the gantry as part of the highway traffic management system.

Traffic Diversion Plan

– Light Vehicles: Vehicles traveling from Mumbai to Pune on the expressway will need to take a left turn from Kalamboli and use the old Mumbai-Pune National Highway from Kalamboli Circle.

– All Vehicles: Vehicles heading from Mumbai to Pune can turn left from Kalamboli, proceed via Kalamboli-D-Point-Karanjade-Palaspe through Kalamboli Circle, and then continue via old Mumbai-Pune National Highway.

– Pune Channel: Vehicles from Mumbai to Pune will also be diverted from the Kon Bridge onto the Pune channel of the expressway.