Porsche Accident Case: Maharashtra Medical Council To Take Action Against Doctors For Blood Sample Tampering

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Reported by Mubarak Ansari & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 28th May 2024: The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has initiated disciplinary action against Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Shrihari Halnore, accused of tampering with blood samples in a hit-and-run case involving a minor in Pune. The council has issued notices to both doctors, demanding a written explanation within seven days.

The court has remanded Dr. Taware and Dr. Halnore, both associated with Sassoon Hospital, to police custody until May 30. The investigation revealed that Atul Ghatakamble, a peon at Sassoon Hospital, acted as an intermediary for Dr. Taware, facilitating the exchange of money in the tampering scheme. Ghatakamble has also been remanded to police custody.

Dr. Vinki Rughwani, the current administrator of the MMC, expressed concern over the actions of the two doctors, stating that their conduct tarnishes the reputation of the medical profession and violates its ethical principles. Dr. Rughwani confirmed that the MMC has initiated action based on media reports and will review the explanations and evidence provided by the doctors before deciding on further disciplinary measures.

Dr. Rughwani mentioned that if a doctor’s actions are found to violate medical ethics, the MMC has the authority to suspend their medical license for a period ranging from one day to several years. The council will thoroughly investigate the incident and the involvement of the accused doctors before making a final decision.

The investigation has uncovered that Ghatakamble acted as a middleman for Dr. Taware, managing financial transactions related to the tampering of blood samples. He received money from an unidentified source, part of which, amounting to Rs 2.5 lakh, was given to Dr. Halnore. The Pune police’s crime branch is currently working to confiscate the illicit funds, with Rs 50,000 already seized from Ghatakamble.

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The case came to light when it was discovered that the blood samples of a minor involved in the Kalyani Nagar accident were altered to assist in the case.