One Percent Monthly Penalty for Late Payments on Water Bills in Pune, Starting February 1

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Pune, 5th January 2024: With the arrears of commercial water bills soaring to Rs 650 crore, the water supply department of the Pune municipal corporation (PMC) has decided to implement a one percent monthly penalty for bills not paid within 60 days. Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Vikram Kumar have given their approval to this proposal, and the new penalty system will be effective from February 1.

The move comes as part of efforts by the water supply department to recover the substantial amount owed in arrears for commercial water bills in the city. Municipal Corporation provides water to various entities, including railways, cantonment boards, archeology departments, and central and state government offices. While these offices receive water services to carry out their functions, they often neglect or refuse to settle their water bills, accumulating significant arrears.

Despite repeated notices, these offices remain non-compliant in clearing their water dues. As a result, the municipal corporation has decided to impose a penalty on such arrears, targeting commercial water meters specifically. This penalty is expected to act as a deterrent and encourage timely payment.

The water supply department asserts that the implementation of this penalty system will not only facilitate the recovery of outstanding bills but also contribute to increased revenue. Starting from February 1, any water bill not settled within 60 days of remittance will incur a one percent penalty for each subsequent month.