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The Southern Command, which is the largest Command of the Indian Army has undertaken OP NAMASTE, to mitigate spread of COVID-19 in the ‘Southern States’, which are emerging as the ‘Hot Spots’.

Army has taken initiative in this fight to support the Nation and the citizens. Several Quarantine Facilities have been created in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Army’s Southern Command is also creating additional Adhoc Isolation Facilities in the other Southern States. Both, the Quarantine as well as Isolation Facilities have been provided with dedicated medical and administrative staff to take care of the patients and quarantined persons.


At these locations are the ‘Army Corona Warriors’ comprising doctors, nurses and other support staff who are in the forefront in this atypical battle. Meanwhile, all efforts are underway to prepare for any contingency, which may occur and to augment civilian medical and other facilities. Procurement of medical equipment holdings and personal protective equipment are also underway on a war footing. The medical personnel and units are building their capacities and para-medical personnel are being prepared to assist civil administration of various states to contribute to the care of patients.


In order to meet the basic needs of the needy in these testing times, various Army units under aegis of Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) are undertaking various initiatives like distribution of cooked food, essential groceries and necessities in the vicinity of their military stations. Blood donation camps have also been organised to recoup blood stock at the blood banks and this may be undertaken at other locations as well based on the requirement of the civil health agencies.


The Army is ensuring regular contact and providing all necessary assistance to its vulnerable Veterans and “Veer Naris” in the area of responsibility. ECHS polyclinics have been kept functional as part of essential services to provide medical cover to the Ex Servicemen.


NAMASTE, an Indian salutation which the whole World has now adopted is an apt name to lead India’s fight against COVID-19.