Fight against Covid-19: Naval Dockyard Mumbai designs low cost Temperature Gun

2 April 2020, Mumbai- Naval Dockyard, Mumbai has designed and developed its own Infra Red based temperature sensor for screening large number of personnel entering the Dockyard. The instrument has been manufactured at a cost less than Rs. 1000/ – through in-house resources, which is fraction of the cost of the Temperature Guns in the market). The non-contact thermometer has a Infrared sensor and an LED display integrated with a microcontroller which runs on a 9V battery. The handheld sensor gun to screen personnel at the entry gates of the yard is expected to reduce the load on security guards at the gate of the Naval dockyard. The 285-year-old Naval Dockyard of the Western Naval Command (WNC) has an average influx of around 20,000 personnel every day.

In view of COVID-19, initial screening of these personnel entering the dockyard was essential to prevent the spread of the disease within the yard and the Western Fleet. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, the non-contact thermometers or temperature guns have become scarce in the market and are being sold at a very high cost.

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