Over 2.5 Lakh Citizens Left Pune For Northern States Due To Covid Lockdown

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Pune, 27th April 2021: Given the increasing number of patients and the imposition of strict restrictions in Pune, about two and a half lakh citizens have traveled to their native villages in the northern states by trains. As per the demand and the waiting list for trains for the north, special and additional trains were planned by Pune Railway division.

As the demand has not decreased yet, 15 more trains have been planned till the end of the month, Pune Railway official said.

Railway’s To Start Additional Summer Special Trains For Bihar From Pune And Mumbai

In the aftermath of the first wave of Coronavirus, various long-distance trains have been re-introduced as special trains. Pune has a large number of trains mainly for the northern states. During the summer, there is an annual demand for trains going to the north.

The waiting list for trains going to north states has been increasing as trains are currently allowed only on reservations. Therefore, special additional trains were planned. Additional trains were released from Pune station to Danapur (Patna), Bhagalpur (Bihar), Gorakhpur, Lucknow, etc. From the 1st April, 32 to 35 trains have been dispatched to these areas.

Pune: Many Trains Cancelled Due To Poor Occupancy

Additional and special trains are planned to be available to passengers in the three states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh which is in high demand. Each train has a seating capacity of about 1400 passengers, according to which it is clear that around two and a half lakh citizens go to the north every month.

Pune: Railways Launch Summer Special Trains And Additional Special Trains From Pune/Mumbai To UP, Bihar

“Additional trains are being released by the railways keeping in view the demand and waiting list of passengers. More trains will be released by the end of the month. All these trains are reserved. Only confirmed ticket holders should arrive at the station 90 minutes before departure and those who don’t have confirmed tickets should not rush to the station without any reason”, said Pune Railway’s Public Relations Officer.

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