Painex Foundation Launches Noble Health Initiative for Women with Vital Knowledge for Lifelong Wellness

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Pune, 6th November 2023: Painex Foundation, a pioneering force in comprehensive healthcare and pain management, proudly announces the launch of a groundbreaking health initiative tailored to empower women with essential knowledge for lifelong wellness.

“Women’s access to healthcare in India is the need of the hour, as it requires some desperate changes to achieve well-being and gender equality,” says Dr. Nivedita Page, renowned pain management specialist and founder director of Painex Foundation. “A woman goes through a roller coaster ride in all the phases of her life as she experiences drastic changes in and outside her body while growing. Encouraging women to take ownership of their health and hygiene is paramount in the era of endless diseases preying on them. Because of lifestyle decisions and ignorance, women’s health conditions have recently leaped. Women deal with more health issues than men. Women have many conditions to watch out for, including osteoporosis, menopause, and everything else.” She added.

However, a staggering lack of awareness about these issues often leaves women ill-prepared to navigate the intricacies of their health. As a result, health problems among women are not uncommon, and the consequences of this lack of awareness can be significant. Painex Foundation’s initiative comes at a crucial time to address these issues head-on and arm women with the knowledge and resources they need to manage their health effectively.

By providing women with the necessary tools and insights, this initiative aims to enable them to effectively navigate life’s various stages and the changes that come with them.

Painex Foundation recognizes that women often face unique health challenges, including issues related to hormonal changes and bone health. The initiative focuses on arming women with the knowledge and resources needed to maintain strong skeletal bones, manage stress, and understand their bodies’ natural transformations throughout life.

In recent years, remarkable advances in medical technology have opened new doors for pain management. These minimally invasive procedures target the pain generator and with techniques like Radiofrequency ablation, reduce the abnormal nerve conduction and relieve pain. They offer a promising avenue for long-lasting pain relief and improved quality of life. Painex Foundation’s commitment to harnessing these advancements in the field of pain management underscores its mission to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Painex Foundation’s initiative is aligned with the idea that individuals, including women, can live pain-free lives without resorting to constant painkillers or invasive surgeries. With the right knowledge and access to innovative pain management techniques, it’s possible to manage and even eliminate chronic pain, ultimately improving the overall quality of life.

This ambitious project is a significant step forward in women’s healthcare. Painex Foundation, known for its commitment to holistic well-being and pain management, has joined hands with AIPTECH, a respected non-profit institution dedicated to women’s empowerment, to ensure this initiative’s success.

The initiative’s cornerstone is a comprehensive workshop, set to take place on Nov 03, 2023, at AIPTECH in Bund Garden, Pune. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to delve into topics such as understanding the changes their bodies undergo throughout life, maintaining strong skeletal bones to prevent conditions like osteoporosis, and effectively managing stress through a range of proven techniques.

Under the Painex Noble Health Initiative:

1) Comprehensive Workshops: The cornerstone of this initiative is a series of comprehensive workshops dedicated to helping women embrace the changes their bodies go through at different life stages and maintaining strong skeletal bones.

2)Knowledge and Resources: By providing women with the necessary tools and insights, this initiative aims to enable them to effectively navigate life’s various stages and the changes that come with them.

3)Consultation for Women: In addition to workshops, these attendees will have the opportunity to consult with healthcare professionals to address their unique health needs.

This Noble Health Initiative is offered entirely free of charge to ensure that every woman has access to vital knowledge and resources for lifelong wellness.