Pune: Akhand Jyoti Inaugurates Rural Eye Care Hospital in Bihar

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Pune, 6th November 2023: Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art facility in Srirameshpuram, Mastichak, located in the Saran district of Bihar. The inauguration ceremony unveiled a beacon of hope for the rural populace, as the hospital aims to provide essential eye care services with an 80 percent subsidy for treatment and free eye treatment for the economically disadvantaged.

This charitable eye care hospital not only promises concessional treatment for the common people but also endeavors to generate employment opportunities at the grassroots level, fostering economic empowerment in the region.

Situated in the remote village of Mastichak, this colossal eye hospital boasts 500 beds and is equipped with cutting-edge eye care technology. With a capacity to examine 800 patients daily through 10 OPDs and perform 500 surgeries daily in its 11 operation theaters, the hospital stands as a testament to modern healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, it offers eye banking facilities and extends free services to the underprivileged, with a unique focus on comprehensive eye care for children.

Anticipated to commence operations in December 2023, the hospital, under the leadership of Mritunjay Kumar Tiwary, founder of Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, is expected to conduct over 150,000 surgeries annually. Tiwary emphasizes the hospital’s commitment to employment generation and women empowerment in rural areas through its charitable eye care initiatives.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, Akhand Jyoti has achieved significant milestones, expanding surgical centers in various locations, including Patna, Purnia, Dalsinghsarai in Bihar, and Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. The organization’s Vision 2030 plan sets an ambitious goal of performing 2 million sight-restoring eye surgeries between 2022 and 2030, aiming to triple its annual outputs and impact in eye health, girls’ education, and empowerment.

Tiwary acknowledges the inspirational influence of great personalities like Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, founder of Gayatri Parivar, and Pandit Ramesh Chandra Shukla, co-founder of Akhand Jyoti, shaping the organization’s focus on serving the poor and needy. Looking ahead to the financial year 2023-24, Tiwary anticipates a transformative year for Akhand Jyoti, marking the completion of India’s first and largest modern charitable eye care center in a rural area like Mastichak. Plans for “Akhand Jyoti 2.0” are underway, aiming to expand the impact on eye education, research for health, girl education, and empowerment.

Expressing gratitude, Founder Mrityunjay Tiwary thanked all partners who supported the project, singling out Sankara Eye Foundation, USA, and Bajaj Finserv, Pune, for their crucial contributions.