Pakistan’s ISI Trapping Kashmiri Youths By Giving Them Hand Grenades

Kashmir Terrorist Attack
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Srinagar, 17th October 2021: Terrorists, who are constantly failing in their plans, are now trying to create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir afresh. After going quiet for a long time, terrorists in the valley are now adopting new methods to trap the Kashmiri youth.

For a long time, the boys who joined terrorist organisations in the valley snatched weapons from the security forces or were paid for throwing stones. But now they have found a new way to entrap the youth by tricking them.

According to information received from sources, a large number of hand grenades have been given to the Over Ground Worker (OGW) in Kashmir. These OGWs instigate youths to throw hand grenades instead of stones at the behest of the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

With this, two purposes are being fulfilled. First, this will cause more damage to the security forces and after throwing the second grenade, these youths will have no other option but to go to the terrorist organization. Terrorist organizations are now using this plan to connect a large number of youths.

The security forces have also received information that not only money is being given to the youth for this plan, but their photographs are also taken while giving grenades, so that later they can be blackmailed if they refuse.

According to the information received by the security forces, OGWs in Kashmir’s Safakadal MR Ganj, Malangpora and Padgampora, Achabal, Chini Chowk, Dangarpora and Sherbagh, Lasjan Bypass and Pantha Chowk areas are inciting Kashmiri youth.

Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, there has been a stir in the terrorist camp located in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). According to information received from security agencies, their masterminds are engaged in conspiracies to infiltrate terrorists into India.

According to the information, three new terror camps have been activated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, due to which now the number of terror camps has increased from 17 to 20.

According to an official associated with security agencies, since the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in February, Pakistan’s intelligence agency has once again engaged in conspiracies to infiltrate terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir. After receiving information about the infiltration of six terrorists in Uri along the Line of Control (LOC), the army has been engaged in the search operation against the terrorists continuously for the last two days.  Information has been received about these terrorists that they are trying to enter the conspiracy of any major terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir by taking training from such terrorist camps.