Palestinians in Gaza move towards the center, seeking shelter from the heavy lsraeli bombing

Gaza after Israeli bombings
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Tel Aviv, 13th October 2023: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have issued an announcement urging civilians in Gaza City to evacuate their homes and move southwards for their own safety. The IDF states that military operations are ongoing in the area, and warns civilians against approaching the security fence with the State of Israel.


Evacuation Notice

The IDF has sent out an announcement to the civilians of Gaza City, calling for their immediate evacuation from their homes. The civilians are advised to move to the area south of Wadi Gaza, as indicated on the map provided. The IDF emphasizes that this evacuation is for the safety and protection of the civilians.

Ongoing Military Operations

The announcement comes in the context of ongoing military operations against the Hamas terrorist organization, which the IDF says has waged a war against the State of Israel. Gaza City has been identified as an area where these military operations are taking place.

Warning Against Human Shields

The IDF also warns that Hamas terrorists are hiding in tunnels underneath houses and inside buildings populated with innocent civilians. The announcement urges civilians to distance themselves from Hamas terrorists, stating that they are being used as human shields.

Future Operations

The IDF has indicated that it will continue to operate significantly in Gaza City in the coming days. Extensive efforts will be made to avoid harming civilians, according to the announcement.


The IDF’s call for evacuation is a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Civilians are advised to heed the warning for their own safety and to stay away from areas of military operation. The situation remains fluid, and further updates will be provided as they become available.