Panun Kashmir observes Balidan Divas in Pune

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By Sonam Jangid

Punekar News's photo.Pune, 14 September: Internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus assembled at Jangli Maharaj Mandir to pay tribute to martyrs of Balidan Divas. The motive was to draw attention of people about ethnic cleansing and long exile of Kashmiri Pandits. The place chosen for the protest was very significant, as 25 years ago first protest by the then protesters was also held at same place, said the national co-ordinator of organization Mr Rahul Kaul.

About half a million Kashmiri Pandits have been living as refugees in their own country since 1990 following the rise of Islamist terrorism in Kashmir valley. The ground situation remains as grim as it was a quarter of century ago. In all these years the distance between the exiled Pandit community and their homeland has only grown.

Punekar News's photo.Panun Kashmir the frontline socio-culture and political organization of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus, protested on this day through displaying posters and made appeal to government to take decision in favour of Kashmiri Pandits. They also agreed to support government by providing helping hand in the context of welfare of their land and people.

To draw attention of people to their plight, protestors also distributed water to passers-by.

(Sonam Jangid is a student of class of 12th at Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune)

Kashmiri Pandits Panun Kashmir

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