Parents Protest Against SNBP International School, Demand Fee Waiver

Parents protest at SNBP school
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune/Pimpri, October 3, 2020: Parents group protested against the fee hike by SNBP school which runs a chain of five schools across Pune. Today as many as 100 parents had gathered inside the school premises of SNBP International School located in Chikhali for demanding fee waiver.

Parents have alleged that the school authorities have hiked 10 percent of the fee for all the classes. However, the school authorities have stated that the fee hike was made in December 2019, which was during the pre lockdown period, said Atul Zope, a parent who termed the hike as sheer loot. Claiming that the school should have ideally charged only the term and tuition fees, but they are changing entire fees. “Students won’t be using any lab amenities. There won’t be any annual, sports, picnic events. Why are we forced to pay the full fee?” Zope told

Another parent said, “many parents have lost their jobs, there pay cuts; how will the parents arrange the fee amount? The school administration is ignoring the parents’ repeated requests.”

Parents have agreed to pay only the tuition fee, and are demanding fee waiver for the rest fee structure. “As we understand the efforts of teachers and others who are supporting us to continue education for our kids. But school authorities are asking us to pay the entire amount which is unfair because our kids are not using any facilities; instead, our kids are attending classes online, so we even had to buy a laptop for them,” said Narendra Sakhare, a parent.

Parents have also complained that buying extra devices not only puts an additional burden on them financially but making their wards watch the mobile phone continuously risks their eyes as well.

Another parent informed that upon asking the school about the fee increment, the school staff has said that they hadn’t increased any fee in the last three years. “We have been standing outside the school for the past few weeks, but no decision has been made in this regard,” said the parent. tried to contact SNBP administration but there was no response from them even after repeated calls. This report will be updated when the school’s statement is received.

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