Maharashtra Govt Issues Guidelines For Restaurants, Hotels, Bars; No Buffet Allowed, Know More Here

Uddhav Thackeray
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune/Pimpri, October 3, 2020: As a part of Unlock 5, the Maharashtra state government has allowed restaurants, bars, and food courts to open with 50 percent seating capacity from Monday (October 5). The state government has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which will be enforced strictly, failure of which will call for legal action.

Guidelines issued by the Maharashtra State government

All customers may be screened at the entry point for symptoms of COVID – 19, such as temperature using thermal guns. 

Only asymptomatic customers shall be allowed. Those with a temperature more than 38.0 ° C ( 100.4 ° F ) and flu-like symptoms shall not be permitted. For such customers, temperature and contact information should be recorded, and they should be advised to return.

Social distancing should be followed strictly.

 Customers will be allowed to enter premises only if using face cover/masks. Customers are always required to wear a face mask while on the premises (except during eating).

Hand Sanitizers must be made available for customers to use. They must be placed in all public areas of the premises for guest use, 

Payment via digital mode for purchases to be encouraged as much as possible, and precautions shall be taken to handle cash. 

Check restrooms and handwash areas regularly and clean and sanitize them based on the frequency of use.

 Menus and Parking

 Valet parking if available, shall be operational with operating staff wearing face covers/masks and gloves as appropriate. 

Disposable menus to be used to reduce the chances of transference of viruses. Contactless menu through QR Code recommended 

 Instead of cloth napkins, use of good quality disposable paper napkins to be encouraged. 

Bottled water where the bottle’s outer side is disinfected to provide water to guests or water from a water-filter may be served as per the customer’s preference.  

Only cooked food to be included in the menu and avoid including raw or cold food like salads, etc. as far as possible

Furniture and fixtures of the restaurant 

Dinning facility like tables, chairs, workstations, buffet tables, linen, etc. to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants daily.

 Buffet service is not permitted

Pre – plated dishes to be encouraged in the menu wherever possible 

Bar Safety Measures 

Bar counter and stools to be sanitized property (Seating has to be strictly social distancing norm). 

Bar equipment like shakers, blenders, mixers, and peg measurers to be cleaned, container trolley to be washed and sanitized.  

All the bottles of spirits, wines, and beers to be sanitized with food-grade disinfectant.  

All the glassware to be cleaned with hot water and lemon.  

Kitchen / Food Preparation Area Operational kitchens must be sanitized at regular intervals to plan social distancing.  

Worktables to be realigned in such a manner that staff do not face each other and maintain social distance. Staff to wear protective gear like face masks, chef caps / net caps, face shields. 

Approximately 100ppm chlorine for non-veg and 50 ppm chlorine for veg items to be used for sanitizing.

All staff should wear disposable face masks, gloves, hairnets, and all other safety gear. 

 Know Guidelines For Customers Visiting Restaurants, Bars And Hotels

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