Parents Seek Detective Help To Watch Their Children Following Pune Porsche Accident

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Pune, 1st June 2024: The recent drunk driving incident in Kalyaninagar has left parents across the country deeply concerned about the safety of their children studying or working in Pune. Many parents, particularly those abroad or in other states, are now seeking the assistance of private detectives to monitor their children’s behavior and ensure their well-being.

Pune, known as the “Oxford of East,” hosts numerous prestigious institutions offering courses in medicine, engineering, and business. Students from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha, and other states flock to the city for higher education and employment opportunities. These young individuals typically reside in hostels or rented accommodations.

Historically, Pune has been regarded as a safe city. However, the Kalyaninagar car accident, involving a Porsche driven under the influence, has brought to light the city’s nightlife, including pubs and bars. This has heightened parental anxiety about their children’s safety in Pune. In response, some parents have turned to private detectives to keep tabs on their children’s activities.

Priya Kakade, a well-known private detective in Pune, confirmed that over the past week, more than 100 parents have contacted her for information about their children. “So far, around 40 parents from various states have reached out to us,” Kakade stated.

The detective agency has reported that parents are increasingly worried about the influence of the city’s nightlife on their children. They want to ensure their children are not engaging in harmful behaviors, such as drinking and driving or substance abuse. Some parents have even requested video evidence of their children’s daily activities.

For instance, a couple from Indore grew suspicious when their son became less communicative and seemed distant. Upon contacting his friends, they learned he had become increasingly reclusive. This prompted them to hire a private detective to gather information about his lifestyle.

Detective agencies are receiving numerous inquiries, particularly concerning female students. Some parents are even considering withdrawing their children from college if necessary.

Priya Kakade, director of SWIFT Detective Agency, noted that investigations have just begun. “We are in the early stages of our investigations. In the coming days, we will determine whether these young people are focused on their studies or falling into bad company,” Kakade explained.

As the investigation continues, parents anxiously await updates on their children’s safety and behavior, hoping for reassurance in the wake of the recent incident.