Passenger Grievances Mount at Pune Airport: Damaged Luggage and Staff Conduct Under Scrutiny

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Pune, 19th January 2024: A distressing incident unfolded at Pune Airport when passenger Manish Mohan, aboard Air India flight AI851 from Delhi to Pune, discovered his luggage in a damaged state upon arrival. Expressing his frustration, Manish took to social media platform X, stating, “Air India, I have traveled from Delhi to Pune, and at Pune airport, I found my luggage in a damaged condition. Please help.”

In a subsequent tweet, Manish raised additional concerns, alleging that Prashant Gaikwad, an on-duty staff member, appeared to be intoxicated. He also claimed that the Manager on duty, Ashish, was unresponsive to his concerns, leaving him without a resolution for an hour. In his tweet, Manish pleaded for assistance.

Responding to the passenger’s tweets, the airline acknowledged the complaint and assured Manish that the issue would be addressed promptly.

This incident is not isolated, as numerous passengers across different flights have reported similar problems at the airport over the past three weeks. The increasing frequency of such issues raises concerns about the overall passenger experience and service standards at Pune Airport.