Passengers Express Frustration as SpiceJet’s Delhi to Pune Flight Faces 4-Hour Delay

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Anaum Shaikh

Delhi/Pune, 27th November 2023: Delhi Airport witnessed a surge in stranded passengers today as SpiceJet grapples with Air Traffic Control (ATC) congestion.

Balkrishna Gitte, a disgruntled passenger, took to Twitter to voice his frustration, stating, “SpiceJet’s terrible experience on the Delhi to Pune flight—4 hours delay. No communication about boarding times. Aviation Ministry needs to address and regulate such issues to prevent passenger dissatisfaction with the Government of India and SpiceJet.”

In response to the mounting concerns, SpiceJet issued an official statement via their Twitter account later in the evening, citing ATC congestion at Delhi Airport due to adverse weather conditions. The statement read, “We are currently experiencing ATC congestion at Delhi (DEL) owing to inclement weather. Departures, arrivals, and subsequent flights may be impacted.

Passengers are urged to monitor their flight status for updates.”

Reports indicate that several other SpiceJet flights faced delays exceeding 5 hours today, fueling a continued wave of backlash on Twitter against the airline’s services. The situation raises questions about the airline’s operational efficiency and its impact on passenger experiences.