Paytm to feed daily wage earners

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07 April 2020, – Continuing its efforts to strengthen its fight against COVID-19, India’s leading digital payments & financial services platform, Paytm has partnered with the KVN Foundation to serve meals to migrant workers and daily wage earners. Together, they are already serving 75,000 meals per day across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Noida.

KVN Foundation launched the ‘Feed My City’ initiative in Bengaluru, on 27 March 2020. Initially, they were serving 500 meals per day to people who have lost their source of income due to the lockdown in the country. In the last 11 days alone, they have served 3 lakh meals across the nation. They aim to serve 30 lakh meals over the next few weeks.

People willing to support the campaign can log on to their Paytm App and donate by clicking on the ‘Feed My City’ tab. Donations for this noble cause can also be made to the city of one’s choice on the Paytm app.

Siddharth Pandey, Vice President – Paytm said, “The livelihood of daily wage earners has been affected during this lockdown. We wanted to help them and ensure that their children and families do not go hungry. Our partnership with the KVN Foundation is a step in this direction. We will continue to work towards providing relief to the ones who cannot fend for themselves.”

The KVN Foundation added, “During this crisis, the daily wage worker, migrant worker and those without any safety nets, steady income, insurance or savings have been the worst affected, without any hope or relief. In countless little ways, all these people add value to our lives on a daily basis. We can’t have a full meal knowing fully well that millions of these people are starving to death. Paytm has now made it possible to contribute easily to this cause, to the city of your choice. We request you all to contribute generously to ensure that no lives are lost due to hunger during this lockdown period.”

Over the last few weeks, Paytm has launched several initiatives to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. The company is aiming to contribute Rs. 500 Crores to PM CARES Fund, and has already collected over Rs. 80 crores within the first week. Also, the company is distributing personal hygiene products, such as hand wash and sanitizers to people who do not have the means to buy it.