Peace Is Possible Through Good Will, Experience Of Pakistan Is Optimistic: Gandhi Shanti Yatra Youths

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Kothrud, 26th August 2022: Vishwamitra Yogesh, who returned to India from Gandhi Shanti Yatra in Pakistan, said, “People were scaring me saying that when you go to Pakistan, they will kill you but we got a lot of love there.’’




While the elders of Pakistan are holding on to the wounds of partition, the youth are enthusiastic.




A religious leader said, “We were given a lot of wrong information. Because of this our heads were inflamed but when we understood the truth, our minds calmed down. Now I preach peace in my work as a priest.’’




Jalandarnath Bhai said, ‘’The umbilical cord of Pakistan is connected with India. A handful of fanatics want to spread hatred but the majority want to maintain cordial relations. If we travel to each other’s countries and increase communication, and understand each other, feelings of hatred will disappear.’’




S. Nitin who also travelled to Pakistan said, “We went to Pakistan with the mission of Jai Jagat. We were then given a mango tree. However, officials said that trees and seeds cannot be taken back to India because it could lead to the spread of viruses or pests. We then convinced them that there is not much difference between the natural environment and ecosystems of India and Pakistan and that nothing would happen as they thought. Those officials who initially resisted, recognized our good intentions and allowed us to take the tree. Overcoming many obstacles, we brought this tree to India.’’




This mango tree is growing at Garade in Saswad as a symbol of India-Pakistan friendship.