Petrol-Diesel Prices Dip in Major Cities; Check Rates Before Refueling

Petrol Price
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New Delhi, 23rd April 2024: Oil companies have recently reduced the prices of petrol and diesel, bringing relief to drivers across the country. It is crucial for motorists to stay updated on the daily fluctuations in fuel prices to make informed decisions when refueling their vehicles.


In the capital city of Delhi, the current price of petrol stands at Rs. 94.76 per liter, while diesel is priced at Rs. 87.66 per liter. Similarly, in Mumbai, petrol is priced at Rs. 104.19 per liter, and diesel at Rs. 92.13 per liter. Kolkata sees petrol prices at Rs. 103.93 per liter and diesel at Rs. 90.74 per liter, while Chennai has petrol priced at Rs. 100.73 per liter and diesel at Rs. 92.32 per liter.

Other cities also witness varying fuel prices, with Noida offering petrol at Rs. 94.81 per liter and diesel at Rs. 87.94 per liter, Gurugram at Rs. 95.18 for petrol and Rs. 88.03 for diesel, Bengaluru at Rs. 99.82 for petrol and Rs. 85.92 for diesel, Chandigarh at Rs. 94.22 for petrol and Rs. 82.38 for diesel, Hyderabad at Rs. 107.39 for petrol and Rs. 95.63 for diesel, Jaipur at Rs. 104.86 for petrol and Rs. 90.34 for diesel, Patna at Rs. 105.16 for petrol and Rs. 92.03 for diesel, and Lucknow at Rs. 94.63 for petrol and Rs. 87.74 for diesel.


Drivers are advised to monitor the latest fuel prices in their respective cities to identify locations where fuel is available at lower prices before refueling their vehicles.


Staying informed about the fluctuating prices of petrol and diesel can help drivers save money on fuel expenses while ensuring they make efficient choices when filling up their tanks during these uncertain times in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections.