PexalonTM- the solution that protects rice crop against deadly hopper pest

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India, August 03, 2018- Corteva Agriscience™, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, today announced the launch of Pexalon™ inChhattisgarh, a sustainable hopper management solution, aimed at shaping the future of agriculture industry in India, through Dupont.

Over the years, farmers in India have been facing the menace of aggressive plant hoppers attacking rice crops, this has led to many cases of crop burning, loss of income and severe distress to farmers and their families. The losses in grain yield might varyfrom 10% in moderately affected fields to 70% in severely affected fields if proper control measures are not initiated at the right time.With Pexalon™, CortevaAgriscience™ hopes to win the confidence of growers and ensure that their every hour spent in the field is a promise for a better life for communities at large.

KV Subbarao, South Asia leader, CortevaAgriscience™, said, “Despite the fact that almost 60 per cent of rural India depends directly on agriculture for their livelihood, India’s rice yields are significantly lower than the global average. Pexalon™ is a result of extensive research developed specifically for the Asian rice market and is a step towards fulfilling our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for farmers in India.Post the successful launch of Pexalon™ in Hyderabad, our next stop is Raipur as it is an important rice growing market for India. We are sure that the rice farmers will benefit from this product.”

Pexalon™ is powered by Pyraxalt™ and is tailored towardsmeeting the needs of Indian rice growers and help them address the longstanding challenge of damaging pests, specifically the brown plant hoppers and white-backed plant hoppers.

Pexalon™ has a unique mode of action and provides outstanding and long-lasting control of BPH and WBPH in rice. Pexalon™ is highly effective against all damaging life stages of hoppers and has a relatively large margin of safety to non-target organisms and a favourable environmental profile. Therefore, Pexalon™ is a valuable tool in the management of difficult-to-control hoppers in rice.

In addition to Pexalon, CortevaAgriscience™ offers a wide range of crop protection products for management of various pests and diseases in rice, enabling higher incomes for farmers.

About CortevaAgriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

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