Physical Harassment, Abuse, Threats, Beatings: Wife Makes Serious Allegations Against Golden Boy Of Bigg Boss

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Pune, 1st December 2022: Bigg Boss 16 is currently the talk of the town on television. After 50 days, the first wild card entry of the season will take place. Taking a wild card entry, a member known as the Golden Boy has entered the house – Sunny Waghchaure. His arrival has added to the colour of the house. But now, shocking information about Sunny Waghchaure has come to light.


Sunny Waghchoure is from Pune and has gold worth lakhs of rupees. He likes to wear gold ornaments. He has said through social media that he is going as a wild card entry in Bigg Boss. It is said that he will compete with the MC stand in the house. But now shocking information has come out about Sunny Waghchaure. It is alleged that a case has been registered against Sunny Waghchaure for mental and physical torture, abuse, and abortion, Loksatta reported.


Two years ago, his wife leveled serious allegations against Sunny Waghchoure. He allegedly tortured his wife mentally and physically. She also alleged that he had induced abortion by giving abortion drugs. A case was registered at Chinchwad police station in this regard. The case was filed on the allegation of beating, domestic violence, and torture for dowry.


Following a complaint filed by Sunny’s wife, a case was registered against four persons – Sunny Nana Waghchoure, Asha Nana Waghchoure, Nana Waghchoure, and Neeta Gaikwad.


Sunny’s wife also said, “He used to beat me after having physical relations with other women. He used to abuse and threaten me. Not only this, I was harassed for many years by Sunny and other members of his family.”


She made a serious allegation that Sunny Waghchaure, along with other members of his family, gave her abortifacient drugs to induce abortion. “Also, I was beaten with a belt by the Waghchaure family,” she had mentioned in this complaint.