Playing The Lottery In India – What You Need To Know

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If you, too, are quarantined at your home and looking for a way to supplement your income amidst these trying times, we’re here to tell you everything about trying your hand at the lottery in India. If you are wondering about shows where lottery is legal in India, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

From the aspect of legality to the best places to apply for, we have compiled everything so that you don’t have to go through the pain of going to multiple sites for the same redundant information.
Here’s a list to find shows where lottery is legal in India

While there is no such national ban on lotteries in India, it is up to the state government to determine the legality of lottery in their particular region. As of now, 13 states in India allow their citizens to run and participate in the lottery. Below is a list of the 13 countries; go through it to see if you’re eligible!

⦁ Assam
⦁ Arunachal Pradesh
⦁ Goa
⦁ Kerala
⦁ Madhya Pradesh
⦁ Maharashtra
⦁ Manipur
⦁ Meghalaya
⦁ Mizoram
⦁ Nagaland
⦁ Punjab
⦁ Sikkim
⦁ West Bengal

Isn’t your state on the above list? Here’s how you can still play

When we talk about the lottery being illegal in the remaining 16 out of 29 states, we don’t want you to be discouraged just yet. There is a work-around to this issue, which is; you can always play the online lottery!

No law explicitly bans online lotteries with a foreign-based provider. Hence, you can always go to the internet and pick the online lottery site you wish to choose.

Online foreign providers for lottery offer different amounts, features, and different buy-ins. Make sure to go ahead and read their rules and regulations before investing any money into them.

All lotteries are different

Out of all the lotteries present on the internet, not all of them offer you the same pay-out. All of them have their terms and conditions, and you should go through them religiously to know about those lotteries in detail.

The primary thing to look out for in a lottery is to know the amount of prize it will offer and the time of announcing the final win numbers. However, some of these lotteries have multiple rounds and different numbers of participation in all of them.

Some online lotteries have a second round for the non-winning numbers to give them a second chance. Try to look for such kinds of lotteries because many people don’t know about these second rounds, and the competition for these rounds is much less than the first round.

Also, be on the lookout for the number of participants for all these lotteries. A bigger pay-out means that a larger number of people will be applying there. In cases like these, your chances of winning decrease drastically. So, it is wise for you to also search for smaller lotteries which face much less competition.

But why should you trust online lotteries? What makes an online lottery genuine?

The most famous online lotteries are 100% safe, and you can trust them with your money completely. They have been functioning for more than several years, and time after time, people have had their lives changed after winning the lottery.

The way to trust an online lottery website is to check its lottery license. Lottery licenses are given to service providers by their origin countries, serving as a testament to their authenticity. They are also regularly audited by their governments to ensure that they maintain safety standards and treat all customers fairly.

Also, take a look at the security measures that the site has taken against hackers. Different types of encryptions ensure different safety, and SSL encryption levels have been the safest for a website and its user’s security.

Moreover, you can always go back to look at previous lottery winners and get to read their testimonial on how trusting some platforms helped them amass a large fortune in no time.

Are there any ways to increase your chances of winning?

The lottery is all about maximizing your odds of winning. There are multiple ways to do so. It involves making smart decisions consistently while picking your numbers and your lotteries.

First of all, know that not all numbers are the same. Try to pick numbers that are rare because if you win on a rare number, there’s a lesser chance of somebody else having that number. It means that you won’t have to share your winnings with anyone else and can have them all to yourself!

Try picking different numbers and your lucky numbers. Some numbers are universally unlucky, i.e., 13, and it could be why 13 is one of the least drawn out numbers in big lotteries. You can also look at specific trends of your pick to spot some frequently appearing numbers.

While picking out a lottery, try to pick one that offers the most discounts, packages, and offers. Because of the high competition amongst several lottery sites, all run their promotional schemes to give their customer the best experience possible.

You can leverage these companies against each other and make sure that you sign up with the one that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Winning the lottery can be a great moment of excitement, and pay-out can be unbelievable if you stay persistent for long enough. Keep switching strategies and make sure you remember that the lottery is all about calculated risks. We wish you all the luck with your next one!