PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar Address Massive Rally in Jamui, Affirm NDA Alliance’s Strength

PM Modi in Jamui
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Patna, 4th April 2024: In a significant appearance in Jamui on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large gathering of supporters from the NDA, accompanied on stage by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Chief Minister Kumar, reaffirming his unwavering commitment to the alliance, emphasized his steadfast loyalty to the NDA without any wavering.

During his rally address, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar underscored his scepticism towards political opportunism, condemning those who shift allegiances as unreliable and insincere. He reiterated his firm stance on remaining within the NDA fold.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Kumar praised the central government, led by PM Modi, for its efforts in fostering communal harmony. Citing a noticeable decline in Hindu-Muslim tensions since the government’s ascent to power, he credited PM Modi’s leadership and policies for this positive change.

In his acknowledgement of PM Modi’s contributions, Chief Minister Kumar highlighted the government’s decision to posthumously award the Bharat Ratna to former Bihar CM Karpoori Thakur—a demand long advocated by the people. He emphasized the tangible impact of PM Modi’s initiatives on Bihar and the nation, drawing a sharp contrast with the lacklustre performance of previous administrations.

Critiquing the opposition, Chief Minister Kumar pointed out the inefficiencies of the RJD’s governance, emphasizing the disparity between their promises and actual achievements. He underscored the NDA’s track record of effective governance, suggesting that it speaks volumes in terms of delivering tangible improvements in the lives of the people.