PMC To Provide Parking Spaces Near Pune Metro Stations In Baner, Balewadi Areas

PMC Pune
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Pune, 13th January 2024: The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is currently engaged in the Pune Metro project, focusing on the Hinjawadi to Shivajinagar route. However, a pressing issue has emerged as the lack of parking spaces near several metro stations, prompting PMRDA to seek assistance from the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Out of the 23 metro stations along the Pune Metro route, only three – Maan, Balewadi, and Shivaji Nagar – have designated parking spaces. The remaining stations face challenges in securing parking areas, leading PMRDA to approach the Municipal Corporation for a viable solution.

In response to the parking space challenge, PMRDA formally submitted a request to Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar last month. The request seeks reserved plots from the Municipal Corporation in the Baner and Balewadi areas. These plots, located within 100 to 400 meters of the metro stations, could potentially serve as parking spaces for seven metro stations.

The Municipal Corporation has promptly addressed the issue, expressing its willingness to allocate eight plots for parking purposes. The proposed plots are strategically located in Baner and Balewadi, ensuring convenient access to the metro stations.

PMRDA has meticulously identified suitable plots and submitted a list to the Municipal Corporation. The selected plots are situated within a favorable distance from the seven metro stations in question. The Municipal Corporation is expected to make a final decision soon, following a thorough evaluation of the proposed plots.

To facilitate the allocation of the reserved plots for parking, the Property and Management Department of the Municipal Corporation has forwarded the proposal to the reserved plots committee. This committee holds the authority to change the reservation status of the plots. Upon committee approval, the proposal will be presented to the Municipal Commissioner for the final decision.

With the reserved plots committee’s approval pending, a decision on the allocation of parking spaces for the metro stations is eagerly awaited. If the proposed plots are secured, metro users at stations such as Balewadi Sports Complex, NICMAR, Ramnagar, Laxminagar, Balewadi Phata, Banergaon, and Baner can expect dedicated parking facilities in the near future.