PMRDA Sets Deadline for Removal of Unauthorized Billboards in Pune

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Pune, 18th March 2024: Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has issued a stern directive to the owners of unauthorized billboards, sky signs, boards, banners, and flexes within its jurisdiction. Owners, space holders, developers, and advertising agencies have been instructed to promptly remove all such structures by March 31st or obtain proper permission from PMRDA for their installation.

These unauthorized structures, particularly those located in main squares, crowded areas, or along national highways within PMRDA areas, pose a significant risk during the summer months. Their dimensions often exceed safety limits, making them susceptible to collapse or damage due to strong winds. Such incidents not only endanger lives but also result in financial losses.

PMRDA has warned that if these unauthorized and hazardous hoardings, sky signs, boards, banners, or flexes are not removed promptly, the authority will take eviction measures. Furthermore, in the event of any accidents caused by these structures, legal action will be pursued against the responsible advertising organizations. Deputy Director Sunil Marle emphasized the importance of ensuring public safety and urged strict compliance with the directive.