Pune, 11th February 2024: The price of potatoes has surged due to a decrease in imports from other states, according to traders in Pune. However, there have been fluctuations in the prices of other vegetables, with cauliflower and fenugreek witnessing a decrease, while prices of other fruits and vegetables remain stable.

On Sunday (February 11), 85 to 90 truckloads of fruits and vegetables from Maharashtra and other states arrived at the Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard in Gultekdi. This marks a decrease from the previous week when 100 trucks arrived. Adte Vilas Bhujbal, head of the wholesale market, attributed the price increase in potatoes to the reduced import from other states.

The breakdown of arrivals includes 8 to 10 Tempo Green Chillies from Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh; 3 to 4 Tempo Cabbage from Karnataka, Gujarat; 4 to 5 Tempo Moringa (Shevaga) from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu; 3 to 4 Tempo Lima Beans (Pawta) from Karnataka; 10 to 13 Tempo Peas from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan; 10 to 12 tempo Carrots from Rajasthan; 6 to 7 tempo Garlic from Madhya Pradesh; 20 to 25 truckloads of Potatoes from Agra, Indore, and Pune divisions

Additionally from the Pune division, 600 to 700 sacks of Satari Rice; 10 to 12 thousand boxes of Tomatoes, and various other vegetables including Okra, Guar, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Green Chillies, Lima Beans, Capsicums, Cucumber, and Red Pumpkin were also received in significant quantities.

Despite the fluctuation in potato prices, the overall market for fruits and vegetables in Pune remains stable, with traders closely monitoring the situation to ensure consistent availability and pricing for consumers.