Power Outages in Pune Force MSRTC to Retain Diesel Shivneri Buses

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Pune, 4th December 2023: Maharashtra State Regional Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has halted plans to fully transition its diesel-powered Shivneri bus fleet on the Pune-Mumbai route to electric buses due to anticipated power outages in several cities, including Pune.

Initially intending to replace its entire fleet of approximately 105 diesel-run Shivneri buses with e-Shivneri electric buses, MSRTC has altered its strategy. Presently, only 85 e-Shivneri buses are operational between Pune and Mumbai’s Borivali, Thane, and Dadar.

With concerns about potential power disruptions impacting e-bus operations, MSRTC has decided to retain 20 diesel-run Shivneri buses and over 20 semi-luxury Hirkani buses on the same route. This measure aims to ensure continued service for passengers in case of electricity-related emergencies.

The importance of the Pune-Mumbai route, serving as a crucial transportation corridor for approximately 6,000 daily commuters via Shivneri and Hirkani buses, prompted MSRTC to prioritize safety and reliability. E-buses boast a 300km range on a full charge, contributing to their feasibility for long-distance travel.

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Despite this shift, MSRTC remains committed to enhancing its electric fleet by adding 1,000 more e-buses in the upcoming year. However, commuters have expressed concerns about the deteriorating condition of other MSRTC buses, notably the Shivshahi buses and older buses in rural districts.