Pune Metro Faces Challenge In Sustaining Passenger Numbers

Pune Metro
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Pune, 4th December 2023: Pune Metro has witnessed a substantial decline in passenger numbers since the initiation of services on extended routes. The ridership data for the extended routes from Vanaz to Ruby Hall and Pimpri to District Court has recently been disclosed. In November, the number of passengers decreased to 14 lakhs, with an income of Rs 2 crores 20 lakhs.

The extended services, spanning a 9.7 km route from Vanaz to Ruby Hall and a 13.9 km route from Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipality to Shivajinagar District Court(Pune), commenced in August. In the inaugural month, the metro accommodated 20 lakhs 47 thousand passengers, generating an income of Rs 3 crores 7 lakhs. However, in September, the ridership remained high at 20 lakhs 23 thousand passengers, contributing to an income of Rs 2 crores 98 lakhs.

October experienced a slight decrease in the number of passengers to 16 lakhs 72 thousand, leading to an income of Rs 2 crores 48 lakhs. The declining trend persisted in November, witnessing a further reduction to 14 lakhs 18 thousand passengers, resulting in an income of Rs 2 crores 20 lakhs. This marked a decrease of more than two and a half lakh passengers compared to October, with an income decline of 28 lakhs.

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The challenge faced by Pune Metro lies in revitalizing passenger numbers after the initial spike following the extension. Although the daily ridership initially reached approximately 65,000 after the extended services, sustaining this momentum has proven challenging. The metro service, which commenced on March 6 last year, previously boasted a daily average passenger count of 5,000 on the Vanaz to Garware College and Pimpri to Phugewadi lines. Balancing and increasing ridership remains a critical challenge for Pune Metro amidst fluctuating numbers.