Power your marathon miles this season

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The Reebok Running Squad shares tips to boost your run

With the marathon season underway, fitness enthusiasts around the city are gearing up to make a dash for the yellow line. While completing a feat like a marathon requires dedication and commitment, it also involves a rigorous regime that challenges your limits and pushes you to beat the last mile! So, while you are stretching, squatting and bending, follow these easy tips by Reebok Running Squad members Suresh Srinivasan and Binay Kumar Sah before your next marathon stop!

  • Aim for the mark – Define your goal for running a marathon at least 6 months before the D-day. This helps you train your mind and body accordingly.

  • Build your core – Ensure twice a week strength training work out where you focus on major muscle groups and core areas. This will help in building stamina for the body and enable you to a achieve your goal.

  • Check your status – Be mindful of your progress and initiate mid-course correction if required. If you are a first-time trainer, it’s best to be flexible with your goals to make the training process and the journey more enjoyable

  • Tank up on nutrition – Pay attention to your food intake. Avoid any fizzy drinks or heavy dinners and ensure the diet includes a healthy mix of veggies and raw pressed juices. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast to stay energized all day

  • Take one step at a time – Compete with yourself without straining in excess and accept your physical limitations. Documenting the learnings post every marathon/half marathon will help discover new possibilities. Sign up for different running events and keep testing your fitness

  • The Right Gear – Apparel is the key for a good run. It is important to ensure that you wear a comfortable, well fitted material followed with good shoes that provide great cushioning such as the Reebok Floatride

Additionally, mobile health and fitness app – HealthifyMe, fitness coach Prachi Arya also adds:

  • Training for a marathon needs to start 18 to 20 weeks prior to the event. Running 3-5 times in a week and two days of cross training/yoga to stretch and strengthen the muscles

  • Make sure you stretch and warm up for around 10 minutes before you start the run and cool down stretches post run

  • The dinner on the day before your marathon should have 65-70% of calories coming from carbs, rest from lean proteins, healthy fats and fibre

  • 3-4 hours before the run (if its breakfast) consume 15-20g proteins for muscle repair, drink around 500ml of fluid to stay hydrated, and 5g carbs per pound body weight

  • 60-90 minutes before the fun have an energy bar, bananas or a banana smoothie which can ideally include some protein powder and milk/yogurt/oats. etc.

  • Drink around 150 ml fluid every 15 minutes during the run

  • Post the run, hydrate immediately and within 3 hours consume proteins and carbs