PRAJYOT: COEP’s 4th Guinness World Record Attempt

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College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) has successfully completed its attempt for its 4th Guinness World Record by drawing the LARGEST Rangoli (by size) under the ‘Largest Floating Image’ category of Guinness World Records.

The first three records are:
Most people skipping on a rope: 292 students made 14 jumps
Largest painting by numbers: 600m long painting.
Most people solving Rubik’s cube: 3248 participants solved it in 30min.

After this successful attempt, COEP must be the only educational institute in India who is having 4 Guinness Records to its name.

The event saw 1200 participants who drew a rangoli of the size of around (Approx 6.5 Acres!) in only about 2 hours.

The event was very well organised and was a result of the hard work of about 150 organisers who worked day and night for the past 3 months for this event to happen. Rigorous practices were conducted by the the organisers along with Abhinav Kala Bharati, who helped in teaching this art to our engineering students.

Differently abled students from around 13 NGO’s across Pune were also given a chance to explore and showcase their talent and they got a chance to become a part of the world record team. The motive was to make them believe that ordinary people can often do extraordinary things.

The theme of the rangoli consists of various social messages including Female Infanticide, Save Water, importance of Education and Technology, ‘Peace and Unity’ and Gender equality which are all put together beautifully in one single image.

This Largest Rangoli will remain open for everyone till Sunday, 3rd April, 7pm.