Prestigious award to Urologist Dr. Suresh Patankar

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Senior Urologist and founder of Ace Hospital Pune, Prof. Dr. Suresh Patankar has been awarded the prestigious National Award for ‘’Innovation in Medical field’’ by the National Indian Medical Association at a function held at Chennai on 4thof August 2018 at the hands of Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar, President IMA and Hon. Justice Subramaniam . Earlier too Dr. Suresh Patankar has received National awards for his research work

Dr. Suresh Patankar was given this award for his significant contribution to innovation in medical field which have proved beneficial to the society. Apart from his urological practice at ACE hospital and BJ govt. medical college he is actively engaged in this activity for more than 20 years. His research and innovation encompass various spheres of medical field from basic sciences to surgical technique and drugs to technology. His research and innovation has been acknowledged in important medical journals and textbooks too. He has invented drugs to treat kidney stone problem and wound healing in surgical practice. He has invented his own surgical technique in urology. He is


the only individual who has bagged the maximum number of international patents in the country. He has also published books on research on herbal medicine.

Dr. Suresh Patankar expressed that such recognition would encourage the medical fraternity to line up research and innovation, so as to enhance the benefits of science for alleviating the hardship suffered by patients and reduce the ever-increasing cost of medical treatment.

Research and innovation, particularly in medical field are neglected by professionals in our country. It is the duty of the government to promote and actively support such activity. Keeping these goals in view the Indian Medical Association has recently formed a Board for Research and Innovation under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr Suresh Patankar.